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An innovative system for corrosion protection of steel pipelines in class C HT 60

ANTICOR Company has introduced a new anti-corrosion protection system “ANTICORRay WSS60" of steel pipelines' designed for buried and above-ground. The system complies with EN 12068 standard (DIN 30 672 - 2000) in class C HT60 (high temperature).

The system has a test and certificate DVGW Institute for compliance with EN 12 068 (DIN 30672 - 2000).


System characteristics and advantages

  • Resistant to shear forces caused by soil and thermal changes.
  • Hard and very durable, resistant to mechanical damage (e.g. during ditch backfilling).
  • Applied onto wet epoxide; therefore, no extra heating and hardening is required.
  • Creates the three-layer factory-made insulation. “ANTICORRay WSS60” heat shrink sleeve creates a monolithic pipeline coating system.
  • Very low vapour permeability.
  • High dielectric strength.

System components

  • “ANTICORRay Epoxy Primer 801” is applied directly onto prepared steel surface and as such it constitutes the main corrosion protection.
  • “ANTICORRay WSS60” heat shrink sleeve applied in the centre of the welded joint shows perfect adherence properties to the epoxy primer and creates a passive corrosion protection coating.
  • “ANTICORRay WSS-CP” closure patch for bonding “ANTICORRay WSS60” sleeve.

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